Kloss Distributing focuses on safely and efficiently delivering the freshest, highest quality beverages to our customers with the least impact on the environment.  We are committed to continuously improving our operations to minimize our impact on the environment, reducing our own and our suppliers’ and customers’ carbon footprints.

We balance profitability with the needs of the planet, our workforce, and the communities in which we operate.

At Kloss Distributing we:

- Strive to reduce our demand on the local power grid, the waste we generate, and our overall impact on Illinois infrastructure. 

- Support our suppliers and retail partners in meeting their sustainability goals through operating, sourcing, and distributing efficiently, sustainably, and responsibly. 

- Protect the planet for the health of our colleagues, our children, and our community.

Use Renewable Energy

Saving 639 M Tons of GHG Every Year

We’ve been running on renewable energy since 2020 with nearly all of our power generated by the 2,000 solar panels on our roof. 

Our 700 kW solar system, reduces the carbon footprint of every beer and beverage we carry and mitigates 639 metric tons of GHG from being emitted into the environment every year which is equivalent to taking 138 cars off the road.

Conserve Resources

Saving 73+ M Tons of GHG Every Year 

We are continuously improving our energy efficiency throughout our operations, with high-speed doors, electric fork lifts, and natural lighting, among other sustainability solutions. One of the most significant impacts was our complete conversion to LED lighting, which is 75% more efficient than incandescent lighting and lasts 25 times longer, significantly reducing our kWh.

Minimize Our Waste

Reducing Our Waste To Landfill Every Year

We recycle our cardboard, office paper, aluminum and the shrink wrap plastic that holds cases and multiple pallets together. We also recycle our pallets and had been recycling the majority of our standard-sized pallets for decades. However, we had struggled with unique-sized pallets from suppliers. Scrapping them didn't sit right with us. Hence, we sought out a solution and found a vendor who rebuilds these smaller pallets, upcycling them into the standard grocery size pallet. As a result, keeping these "scrap" pallets out of the landfill, and conserving resources in the creation of the "new" pallets.

Help Our Suppliers' Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Collaborating For Compound Benefits

We distribute 900 brands of beer and beverages from 58 suppliers, 20 of whom brew within 20 miles of our warehouse to our 1,300 retail customers, including supercenters such as Walmart and Target, grocery stores such as Jewel-Osco, Mariano, and Aldi, and all of Lake County's bars, taverns, bottle shops, and restaurants. As a result, our customers receive a tremendous variety in one delivery while our suppliers reduce their GHG emissions.